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June 2016

Sandra D

Professional, friendly, caring, top shelf service from Dr Rachel Hall and her practice. I've travelled from Melbourne to see Rachel for a treatment I felt nervous about, and would do it again. Highly recommended.

Megan F

Rachel and the Evolve Dental team are dedicated to the care of their clients. Rachel has supported me to improve my oral health with her sound advice and awesome skills. Not only that, she's the first dentist to encourage me to take good care of my teeth and gums at home... This is due to the level of care I'm shown while in the dentist's chair. Thanks Rachel. Highly recommended.

Helen B

Prior to going to see Evolve Dental Healing and Dr Rachel Hall, I was absolutely terrified of the dentist, and it was something I avoided at all costs.

Anna D

I used to hate going to the Dentist but Rachel Hall from Evolve Dental Healing has always made me feel at home and treated me with the upmost respect and integrity that I actually now enjoy going to the Dentist and actually look forward to it.

Nicole S

I have visited Evolve Dental a few times now, and cannot fault the service in any way. I felt very supported from the second I called up to make the appointment, walk through the door and am greeted by the lovely receptionist and cared for by the hygienist before heading in for the ultimate in dental care with leading dentist Dr Rachel.

Carmel R

Evolve Dental Healing provides a service way above the usual. From the moment you walk in the door where there is a welcoming reception, whatever treatment you have, you are kept informed, treated gently with the utmost respect, and in the good hands of experts. Worth travelling across the globe to have mercury amalgam removed.

Shayla B

If you want an amazing dentist who is gentle and listens, Rachel is for you!

Rosie B

Looking forward to my dental appointment next month - now that is a statement I never thought I would EVER say. But it is true. I had such a great experience in the care of Evolve Dental Healing with my new bridge at my last visit that I am really looking forward to my check up and clean.

Marshall C

Rachel and her team provided me with total care and a personal yet professional experience in getting my checkup and clean. The clinic is spotless and has a soothing effect the moment you walk into the door. Highly recommended!

Sharon G

Rachel turned my fear of the Dentist on its head. I used to say I would rather give birth than go to a dentist. Not so in Rachel's and her team's care, as I feel so safe and secure that all my fears melted away!

May 2016

Ruth A

Thank you Dr. Rachel for making my visits to Evolve Dental an 'enjoyable' process - from walking in the door to be met by the welcoming receptionist to the time I leave 'The Chair' I feel as if I have been in the most professional of hands. Not only is the skill of Dr. Rachel very professional, caring and supportive, she is also honest in her approach and diagnosis of what is needed to keep my teeth in tip top condition. Now that I am in my 70's, this is very important to me!

Anita C

I really appreciate Dr Rachel Hall and the team at Evolve Dental Healing and their high professional standards. I enjoy the relaxed friendly atmosphere, their holistic approach to dentistry and willingness to spend time answering questions. If you're looking for a place to get your amalgam mercury fillings removed safely, make an appointment, you won't regret it.

Debbie S

Dr. Rachel is unlike any other dentist you will meet in Queensland. She is not only an artist but the type of dentistry she provides her patients is a much higher level than the ordinary dentist even offers their patients. She goes beyond the art of dentistry and understands the science and research about oral health and its relationship to creating a longer and healthier life for her patients. She is very kind and caring- it goes way beyond treating teeth in her dental office.

Emily B

Dr Rachel Hall has a wealth of experience within the Dental industry. Her super caring, friendly and fun approach to dentistry sets her apart. Rachel has supported many people with their overall health and wellbeing. I personally recommend Dr Rachel to all of my friends and family.

Jess G

Evolve Dental had the perfect balance of professionalism and care. Dr Rachel and her team are fantastic and I was super impressed plus the clinic is truly lovely to walk into! I travelled over 2 hours for my appointment (which I thought was a bit crazy at first) but it was well worth it!