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Adrenal fatigue is an undiagnosed epidemic. The adrenal glands are pyramidal shaped organs sitting on top of the kidneys. They are responsible for secreting steroid hormones, such as cortisol, DHEA, aldosterone and adrenaline.

Amalgam Why We Choose Not To Use It

Amalgam What Is It?

A "silver" filling, or dental amalgam, is not a true alloy. Amalgams are made up of 50% or more mercury. The amalgam also consists of approximately 35% silver, 9% tin, 6% copper and a trace of zinc. More than 100 million mercury fillings are placed each year in the U.S. alone and here in Australia over 90% of dentists still use them for restoring posterior teeth.

Amalgam and Mercury - What Science Shows

The health effects of elemental mercury from amalgam fillings are numerous and many studies and scientific evidence supports that mercury causes widespread and adverse health effects. Amalgam fillings have been well documented to be the number one source of exposure of mercury to most people, with exposure levels often exceeding Government health guidelines and the levels that cause adverse health effects.

I have been pondering recently what it truly means to be a holistic dentist/practitioner. Is it purely a philosophy that one applies to the way that they work, the way they view a patient/client, the materials and medications they recommend and the modalities that are used or is it more than this is?

Calcium is an essential bulk mineral. It makes up bones and teeth and is vital for the transmission of information along the nerves and is used in the contraction of muscles. The importance of the right calcium balance for the maintenance of health cannot be overestimated.

It is unlikely that a singular cause of chronic fatigue will ever be found by science because there are always multiple physical and physiological factors involved and all must be systematically addressed for recovery to occur. Recovery can be slow more a marathon than a sprint. Patience, dedication and understanding are required.

Biological Dentistry - Dentistry for the New Era

The term “Biological Dentistry” (also called “Holistic Dentistry”) is being used for a whole new paradigm of dental care. Traditional dentistry has typically followed an outmoded, problem oriented model, focusing on individual problems with individual teeth. The whole body, and whole person, has often been overlooked.

IAOMT Status Report on Endodontic Therapy

(Revised March 2001)

The International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology (I.A.O.M.T.) encourages the dental profession to carefully consider the potential impact on systemic health of endodontic therapy.

Many of the patients I see in my practice have chronic illnesses, depression, insomnia, and autoimmune conditions or simply have busy/stressful lifestyles or are low in energy and vitality. Often my patients ask how they can improve the way they feel and my answer usually consists of the common sense approach to take good care of yourself, eat fresh unprocessed foods, drink plenty of fluids, get a good nights sleep and remove/reduce stress and environmental toxins etc.

Every capital city in Australia, including Brisbane since the end of 2009, fluoridates its water supply in an attempt to reduce dental decay as do many European countries yet dental decay still continues to increase. Several countries that fluoridated their drinking supply have or are planning to cease its use as it is no longer cost effective nor is it producing the reduction in dental caries once expected.