Chronic Fatigue

It is unlikely that a singular cause of chronic fatigue will ever be found by science because there are always multiple physical and physiological factors involved and all must be systematically addressed for recovery to occur. Recovery can be slow more a marathon than a sprint. Patience, dedication and understanding are required.

Commonly the following factors are involved in chronic fatigue:

Nutritional deficiencies/imbalances such as protein, iron, zinc or magnesium.

Gut and liver dysfunction which can be caused by food allergies and gluten intolerance.

Heavy metal toxicity- particularly mercury, lead and arsenic.

Chronic infections e.g. mycoplasma, chlamydia and rickettsiae specialised testing is involved in identifying these infections because they are intracellular organisms.

Appropriate identification and treatment of these organisms results in a dramatic improvement in fatigue in the majority.

Hormone imbalances – hormone systems possibly involved include the adrenals, thyroid and the sex hormones.

All of the above factors must be addressed for a successful outcome. Chronic infections are almost always associated with an elevated body burden of heavy metals and both these conditions need to be treated.

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