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Universal Medicine is in the business of delivering teachings that are about everyday self-loving choices. Making these choices gives participants the opportunity to consistently feel lighter, clearer and more naturally vital in their day-to-day lives. The teachings are delivered in the form of lectures, talks, audios and treatment sessions at UniMed clinics. UniMed founder, Serge Benhayon also regularly holds courses, workshops and retreats in Australia and internationally. For the day to day of UniMed keep up to date with Universal Medicine on Facebook


Esoteric Practitioners - Network website and Esoteric Practitioners Assoc.

logo The International Academy for Oral Medicine and Toxicology

The IAOMT is a network of dental, medical and research professionals who seek to raise the standards of scientific biocompatibility in the dental practice with information from the latest interdisciplinary research. Links to scientific research and amalgam removal protocols.


The intention of these revolutionary healing symbol cards is to assist with healing.

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joy-full gifts for everyone - healing eye-pillows.


Esoteric Women's Health is a collaboration of complementary health practitioners and medical professionals who work cohesively for the benefit of true care and support in the area of women's health.

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Training and Membership Body in Nutritional and Environmental Medicine…the study of nutritional and environmental factors on health and the prevention and treatment of disease

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Accommodation, 4 star B&B, with a gluten and dairy free cafe.

Design-Arts by Desiree

Dedicated to the true way of artistic expression

Chris James - Sounds Wonderful

Sounds Wonderful. Experience the power of sound with Chris James.


Sara Williams - Esoteric Healing, Esoteric Breast Massage and Chakra-puncture

Dr Rachel Hall blog musings of a student of life

Visit the Evolve Dental Healing Blog - For Dental Related News and Information. Or check out this awesome blog for more about Dr Rachel Hall and her musings on life, love, energy, connection, society etc