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Is It Time To Use A Mercury-Free Dentist

About half of all dentists still use dental amalgam, which consists of 50 percent mercury […]

Should I Have My Amalgam Fillings Removed?

Mercury, used in dental amalgam, has been linked to many health problems. Yet dentists are […]

Mercury Poisoning: Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

Mercury poisoning is the result of being exposed to too much mercury, either through the […]
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Amalgam Removal and Holistic Dentistry

At Evolve Dental Healing we provide caring, high quality holistic dentistry and safe amalgam removal […]
Prevent tooth decay with diet - holistic dentist Brisbane

Can Tooth Decay Be Prevented Naturally?

One of the greatest fears for most people is a trip to the dentist, especially if they know […]
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Teeth Whitening – The Shocking Truth

Want whiter teeth? Dr Rachel Hall reveals the shocking and painful reality behind teeth whitening. […]
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Do Floss and Fluoride Prevent Tooth Decay and Gum Disease

Floss and Fluoride Do They Really Work I am a great believer in the truth […]
holistic dentist speaks out against fluoride and mercury fillings

Dentists Need To Focus on Health Not Teeth

Dentists and Their Role In Optimum Oral Health I am a great believer in the […]
holistic dentist speaks out against fluoride and mercury fillings

The Dangers of Dentistry – Fluoride, Mercury and Disease

Dangers of Dentistry – Health Centered Dentistry So much of what I learnt in dental […]
How to eat to prevent tooth decay - holistic dentist Brisbane

How To Eat For Healthy Teeth and To Prevent Tooth Decay

How To Eat To Prevent Tooth Decay Tooth decay is an infection of the tooth. […]