safe amalgam removal

Allergies and Safe Amalgam Removal

I have allergies… Can I still get my silver fillings replaced? Allergies, multiple chemical sensitivity […]
safe amalgam removal in pregnancy

Is It Safe To Remove Amalgam Fillings When Pregnant or Breastfeeding

Safe Amalgam Removal During Pregnancy or Breast Feeding Is it safe to remove silver amalgam […]
safe amalgam removal

What happens after you remove amalgam fillings?

What happens after safe amalgam removal? It’s illegal to throw amalgam waste in the bin […]
safe amalgam removal

Do I Need A Detox For Safe Amalgam Removal?

Safe Amalgam Removal Detox Do I need to eat or drink anything special when having […]
safe amalgam removal

How is safe amalgam removal done?

How are amalgam fillings removed safely? To minimise your exposure to mercury we use SMART […]
safe amalgam removal

Why do people get their amalgam fillings removed?

Safe Amalgam Removal Why do people get their amalgam fillings removed? There are 5 main […]
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Is Fluoride Safe? Fluoride pros and cons

Is Fluoride Safe I get asked everyday by my patients ‘what are your thoughts on […]
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Is the mercury in your dental fillings making your gut sick?

Are your dental fillings making your gut sick? Mercury-based dental amalgams may be presented as […]
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8 Tips To Cut Down Sugar

Are you eating too much sugar – tips to reduce sugar intake In this blog […]
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How Ageing Affects Dental Health

Ageing And Dental Health We are living longer and keeping more teeth to later in […]