Recall of DIY Tooth Whitening Products

Compulsory Recall of DIY Teeth Whiteners The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission has announced it […]

A Bad Time To Brush Your Teeth?

Is there ever a bad time to brush your teeth? Most of us believe that […]

The Mouth

If the eyes are the window to the soul – then the mouth is the […]

Being Holistic

I have been pondering recently what it truly means to be a holistic dentist/practitioner. Is […]

How Do We Define Holistic?

Being holistic is more than following a set of guidelines, philosophies, ideals and beliefs or […]

Interview With A Holistic Dentist

This is from an interview I gave in 2009 but it is still very relevant […]
Oral Cancer check-up

Head and Neck Cancer

Head and neck cancer is more common in people aged 40 and over, and men […]

Food Labelling Tricks Consumers

Fatty, salty and sugary foods are being promoted as healthy choices because of a dodgy […]

Irregular Dental Trips Increase Poor Teeth

Australians who avoid the dentist are three times more likely to have decaying teeth, a […]

Beware of Dodgy Tooth Whiteners

“A routine teeth-whitening procedure at a local beauty salon left an Adelaide woman bruised, blistered […]