is fluoride safe

Is Fluoride Safe? Fluoride pros and cons

Is Fluoride Safe I get asked everyday by my patients ‘what are your thoughts on […]
fluoride dangers

6 Researched Dangers of Fluoride

The dental profession would like you to believe that there are no dangers form fluoride […]
fluoride uncensored - truth

Fluoride Uncensored – Truth About Fluoride

How Much Fluoride Is Bad For You? Conventionally trained dentists are not going to tell […]
is fluoride bad for you

Is Fluoride Bad For You?

Is fluoride bad for you – its everywhere? There are two sides to any story, […]

The Unwanted Health Affects of Fluoride

If you doubt the fact that fluoride is toxic, consider this: 20 years ago, the FDA […]
Does fluoride work for tooth decay - dentist Brisbane, holistic dentistry

Do Floss and Fluoride Prevent Tooth Decay and Gum Disease

Floss and Fluoride Do They Really Work I am a great believer in the truth […]
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The Dangers of Dentistry – Fluoride, Mercury and Disease

Dangers of Dentistry – Health Centered Dentistry So much of what I learnt in dental […]
Fluoride free holistic dentist Brisbane

Fluoride Part 2 – Does Fluoride Really Prevent Tooth Decay

Fluoride – Does It Really Prevent Tooth Decay In fluoride part 1 I discussed how fluoride ended […]
Fluoride free holistic dentist Brisbane

Fluoride Part 1 – How Did Fluoride End Up In The Drinking Water

Is fluoride a good or a bad thing? Well as a dentist you’d probably expect me […]
fluoride drinking water

Fluoride in the Drinking Water

Every capital city in Australia, including Brisbane since the end of 2009, fluoridates its water supply in […]