safe amalgam removal

Why do people get their amalgam fillings removed?

Safe Amalgam Removal Why do people get their amalgam fillings removed? There are 5 main […]
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Is the mercury in your dental fillings making your gut sick?

Are your dental fillings making your gut sick? Mercury-based dental amalgams may be presented as […]
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Silver Fillings Contain Mercury and Could Ruin Your Health

Could Mercury In Your Silver Fillings Be Damaging Your Health If you’re trying to be […]
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The Under-recognised Problem of Mercury Poisoning

Mercury poisoning and health Mercury poisoning or toxicity can be responsible for numerous health issues, […]
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Heavy Metal Exposure and Removal

Heavy Metal and Mercury Toxicity Avoiding heavy metals is not a simple process. They are […]
mercury amalgam fillings

Can Dental Fillings Cause Chronic Health Issues

Heavy metals like mercury can cause chronic urinary and reproductive health problems, according to a […]
Mercury Toxicity

Is Mercury Making You Sick?

If you are heavy, it could be making you sick and tired and age prematurely. […]
Holistic Dentist Brisbane

Is It Time To Use A Mercury-Free Dentist

About half of all dentists still use dental amalgam, which consists of 50 percent mercury […]

Should I Have My Amalgam Fillings Removed?

Mercury, used in dental amalgam, has been linked to many health problems. Yet dentists are […]

Mercury Poisoning: Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

Mercury poisoning is the result of being exposed to too much mercury, either through the […]