Root Fillings

Biological Root Fillings – There is some controversy amongst holistic dentists as whether to root fill or not root fill a tooth that has a compromised dying or diseased nerve system as in some cases and circumstances a tooth can remain chronically inflamed and act as potential source of dental infection.
Some root filling materials can break down in to chemicals that can cause negative reactions or may even be potentially toxic to the body.

At Evolve Dental Healing, after much reading, researching and soul searching, we continue to provide root fillings (with a specialist) in cases which we feel to be appropriate.

The type of root filling used is loosely termed biological root filling as the technique and materials used are more in line with the biochemistry of the body and are therefore less likely to cause unwanted side effects.

Each tooth is assessed on its own merit taking into account its history, degree of remaining tooth structure, complexity of root configuration and most importantly the health and the treatment wishes of the patient.

A root filling allows you to keep a tooth which would otherwise have to be extracted.

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